Tuesday, 30 July 2013

REVIEW: Dead Before Morning by Geraldine Evans

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Read: July 29, 2013 to July 30, 2013

Rating: 2.5 stars

The Book
Dead Before Morning is the first book in the 15 book Rafferty & Llewellyn series.

Investigating his first murder since his promotion, Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty is dismayed that the victim is a girl with no face, no ID and no clothes, found in a private psychiatric hospital.
With the staff and owner of the hospital denying all knowledge of her, Rafferty has to dig deep to solve the case.

My Opinion
I don't really know about this book. rating it was really difficult because sometimes I liked it, sometimes, I didn't.

it's not a terrible book. I like the major characters - Rafferty and
Llewellyn. The book has humour, murder and a good mystery and tthe plot is very good but something put me off.

I didn't really like the writing. nothing spectacular about it. It could have been a lot better.

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