Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review Policy and Contact

I. Introduction
This page contains my review policy, how to send me details of your books etc.

II. Review
My reviews are my own opinion regardless of the source of the book.
If an author gives me a copy of their book to review, I will post my review - good or bad - If you put the book in my hands you give me full rights to review it as I deem fit.

My reviews will include summary, cover, author/publisher/pages/source, my thoughts and
a rating.
They are completely honest.

III. What I Do And Accept
I accept most ebook formats
-Teen and YA
-New Adult
-Mystery and Thrillers
-Memoirs and Biographies
-Women's Fiction
-Realistic Fiction
-Literary Fiction
-Action and Adventure

I do not accept Kindle formats
-General Nonfiction
-Advice and How-To
-Children and Middle Grade
-Religious Nonfiction

Note that if you give me your book to review, it will be placed in a queue, meaning it could take up to 2-5 weeks for me to review. Depending on my to-be-read list at the time. (On the left sidebar)

IV. What To Include
If you are sending me an email or filling the contact form, please include:
-The title of your book (or books if it is a series).
-The author's name
-Short synopsis.
-Goodreads link
-Anything else you can think of (eg. book trailer, past reviews, author's website...)
-If you want to send me an ARC, then please give me details as to the release date and when to post my  review (eg. closer to the release date, on the release date, etc)

Beginning October, I will
-Do author interviews
-Do author(and other bloggers) guest posts
-Host giveaways/competitions
-Host a blog tour
-Participate in blog tours, cover reveals, book blitz etc

You can send me requests via email ltawaq(at)gmail(dot)com or by filling the contact form.

I will get back to you within 48 hours. If I haven't replied within 5 days, please resend your request.

V. Other social media sites
I post reviews on my blog and Goodreads. I will also post on Kobo, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble on request.
I cannot post reviews to Amazon as of now.
If you have another place you want me to post or don't want me to post please notify me before sending me your book.

If you are a blogger and you want to do a guest post or you'd like me to do one for your blog: please send me an email or fill the contact form.

I also have a feature for African authors, if you are interested: send me an email or fill the contact form.

I am not receiving books at this time

Also please do not leave comments on this post requesting reviews, features etc. If you want me to review your book/feature you etc..., send an email or fill the contact form.

Thank You :)

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