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Book Blog Tour: Astral Ordinance II by Meltem Y.K.

The Book

Jayna and Ethan have a spectacular wedding in the Astral plane. Life goes on in a happy monotone for a few years, but they are still forbidden to see each other on Earth.
One morning, Jayna and Liam do not wake up from their state of suspended animation. Something major has happened on the Astral plane and Jayna is not telling them the whole story, but there is no denying the sense of danger.
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The Interview
How many books are in The Astral Ordinance series? Do you have a plan or will you just go with the flow.
There are two published books in the series, the third one is being written. I am going with the flow. As long as the story is flowing for me I will keep writing. I can honestly say that I don’t see this series as being completed in three or four books. The story and the characters are very rich. They come to life for me and demand that their story be told.

What is the inspiration for the series?
The inspiration for the series are the various Ascended Masters that I know about. Ascended Masters (also known as Enlightened Masters or Self-Realized Masters)  are not common knowledge among people, but they do exist. I am lucky to be  privy to their existence.

Is there any special meaning/lesson/message you want readers to get from your book?
Definitely! I am showing people a glimpse of what humans are capable of doing if they develop themselves spiritually.
Ascended Masters and Lightworkers are role models we can all aspire to. I promote love and respect, the code of Ahimsa which is the way of non-violence, protection of animals, and I even give ideas about vegetarian meals. You can read my books as entertainment and think of them as fantasy paranormal books or you can look deeper and learn a lot. The choice is yours.

Which character do you relate to the most?
I relate the most to the two moms. Grace and Estelle.
Grace is Jayna’s mother and Estelle is Ethan’s. They are devoted to their families, have varying degrees of psychic abilities, but they are not nearly as advanced as their offspring in Astral matters.

Are any of the characters based on real people you know?
Yes, there is definitely a Divine Mother in India who is the sister of Babaji. Both siblings are very evolved spiritual beings, and very very old.

I read that apart from your interest in Astral Travel you are also a yoga enthusiast. When did you start yoga? Why?
I started Yoga many years ago, but it was Iyengar style Hatha yoga. I discovered Kriyayoga seven years ago and it changed my life. I was always looking for that one nameless thing that would fill a void in my life and didn’t know what it was. When I found out about Kriyayoga I immediately knew that that was what I was searching for and a lot of things fell into place for me.

Tell us more about being an animal activist. Why animals? Why not anything else? the environment for example.
Oh, I definitely support environmental causes and human rights also, but animals have a special place in my heart. I support many organizations that are trying to change the world for better, put an end to child labour or slavery, call it whatever you prefer; human trafficking, fight against drugs, etc. I spend a good deal of time signing petitions and making donations every day. I am not an affluent person, but I do what I can in terms of financial aid. I think that God created the Earth, put oceans, plants and animals on it then populated it with people to give us the perfect place to learn and evolve ourselves
. The year 1700 A.D. marked the beginning of an ascending doper, an age of enlightenment. Although we have a long ways to reach enlightenment as a collective human race, my humble opinion is that animals are there to teach us compassion and help us towards enlightenment. If you see a stray dog, will you walk away or stop and make a call to the Humane Society? When the Humane Society sends you an urgent message because there was a flood somewhere in the world and animals need your help, will you delete that message or donate what you can? In this age of instant and mass communication, there is a lot that we can do to end the suffering of both people and animals. At the end of the day, people have language and can express their suffering and cry for help. Animals don’t. We have to take up the fight for them, love them and protect them. That is what makes us human beings. If you want to evolve and ascend as a human, go and help someone and while you are at it, don’t forget about the animals


How does being a (foster)parent affect your writing.
I cannot talk about my fostering too much as I have signed a confidentiality agreement, but I can assure you that fostering has opened my eyes to a lot of human suffering that is going on right here in our own community. I come from a very tightknit and compassionate family, so I could never have imagined the kinds of violence that takes place in other families.
The children need our protection when their own families cannot provide it for them; my family and I are there to do exactly that. We provide a safe and loving environment to the children when they need it. As a person, fostering made me develop by leaps and bounds. I am sure that is reflected in my writing.

Do your interests in yoga, animal activism and your Economics degree affect/influence your writing? How?
Most certainly all of those things you mentioned affect and influence my writing. I am the sum of everything that I learned and experienced.
Without my yoga there wouldn’t be all the rich characters in my books. As I mentioned earlier, there really is a Divine Mother. My passion for animals is also in my books, one of the characters is a marine biologist who goes and fights dolphin hunters. This is probably the right time to mention that the annual dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan started once again and Ric O’Barry with other animal activists are there to observe, record and try to convince the Japanese government to put a stop to this tradition.
Dolphin meat is very dangerous for human consumption because of the very high levels of mercury in it. Many children were born with extreme retardation due to dolphin meat consumption by their mothers in and around that town. I hold a BA in Economics and a certificate in Human Resources. I still have plans to do a graduate degree, but that probably won’t happen for a few more years.
The character of Estelle in the Astral Ordinance is my super mom/business woman. I can get into Estelle’s head because of my training in Economics and Human Resources. I even outlined a business plan for a chain of vegetarian restaurants that Estelle started and handed over to her son, Ethan, the hero in our series. Their mission is to teach people to eat vegetarian one day a week. Most doctors recommend this, Ethan is opening up these restaurants to make it easy for people to follow doctors’ orders and eat vegetarian. I eat vegetarian seven days a week so I am in a good position to give people ideas how to do it. All of these are in my books.

What book are you currently reading?
Currently I am reading Amanda Hocking’s last installment of the Watersong series, Elegy

If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, fictional or real, who would it be? why?
I would like to have dinner with the Divine Mother, but then again I am not sure that she eats. We might just end up meditating together. She is one of the most enlightened souls left on Earth.

Fave Season of the year - Summer
Fave Dessert - Baklava
Fave yoga pose – Listening to the internal sound while gazing at the infinite
Fave food – Grilled veggies
Fave book written by another author – The Autobiography of a Yogi
Random Fact – Olive leaves, Sage and Lavender ward off evil, not garlic.

The Author
A university graduate in Economics, this mother of three and foster mother of 25 has been drawn to the world of paranormal since childhood. A devoted reader herself, Meltem Y.K has always had the aspiration to create her own brand of fantasy.
While working full-time and raising a family, into the late hours of the night, Meltem Y.K dreamed the fantasies that only she could and created a story that's grown into the Astral Ordinance series. Amazon || Facebook || Goodreads || LinkedIn || Smashwords || Twitter || Website

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