Monday, 26 August 2013

Bullying On Goodreads: Stop The Bullies

So I found a post on goodreads about an article on

According to the "supporters", Lauren Howard  asked -when the book hadn't come out yet - why people were giving 1 and 2 star reviews? Some people responded by giving more low reviews (just to prove that they can do whatever they please), and then started shelving her book as "authors who should be sodomized" and "should be raped in prison". She decided that that was too much and is no longer releasing the book.

I've noticed something like this once. I remember when I wanted to read reviews for the 4th & 5th books in the Secret Circle. It took a while to find an actual review. All I could find was people bashing the author.
Long story short, LJ Smith wrote the series as a trilogy but the publishers wanted more and she said no so they gave it to a ghost writer to write 3 more books.

According to STGRB(Stop The Goodreads Bullies), these people don't stop at online threats. They find out their home numbers and email addresses to call and send them threats. When the authors report, they are seen as childish and are told to grow thick skins.
Then the bullies will gather all their friends, rate the book 1 star and write negative reviews. They'll vote down all the positive reviews and tag the book or author as a BBA (Badly Behaving Author) and "blacklist" them.

I read that the goodreads moderators don't do anything. Some of the bullies are actually Goodreads moderators.

STGRB has compiled a list of the worst of the worst

My biggest problem with this is
¤ I really don't understand how you can rate and/or review a book you haven't read(or hasn't been released). It doesn't make sense. Besides book reviews are for BOOKS. Review the book not the author

There are petitions at for Amazon and Goodreads to stop letting abuse and bullying continue under the guise of freedom of speech and that Goodreads' should not allow comments that are abusive in nature for those who are interested.

Frankly, I don't care about the author or the book. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't be able to review books that you haven't read and you shouldn't threaten people.

I don't know how true the allegations of abuse are because there are no shelves on goodreads to prove that (some say the shelves have been deleted.)

This is part one of three posts that i will put up on the issue.

My next post will be about the supposed bullies and people that think STGRB is a bunch of crap

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