Tuesday, 27 August 2013

REVIEW: Baby, You're as Sweet as 3.14159265 by Hog Wild

I received a free copy courtesy of the author

Finished: August 27, 2013
Rating: 2 stars

*The Book
WARNING: Content may not be suitable for people offended by naughty words, honest thoughts about love, and sexual thoughts of sextastic sex with sexy people.

Award-winning stand-up comedian HogWild has collected his best jokes, stories, and hysterical dating advice from his New York City stage show and his popular video series to create an enjoyable read that will leave you laughing.

My Opinion
I have mixed feelings about this book.
It was waaaay less than I expected but it wasn't horrible.

There are some funny parts. like Attention Fat Guys: When a girl says she wants a guy with something in common she is not talking about breasts and Pregnancy would be COOL if you never know what you're gonna get... The doctor will reach into your vagina and proclaim, ‘It's a beautiful baby girl! …And a laptop computer!’ YES!”.

Some really deep and inspirational parts like There is NOTHING wrong with being happy with who you are. Just make sure it's your CHOICE out of happiness and not out of fear or intimidation or
... And whatever you want is within YOUR reach. You must believe in yourself. It's closer than you think. You are one switch away. and But really, it's all about being proud of who you are. Never let your insecurities lead your thoughts. Lead with confidence.

A lot of times like Hahaha! I’m giggling like when a puppy is licking the bottom of my ticklish feet! Tee-hee! and Haha. I’m smiling like a small child who has made bubbles from his butt in the bathtub,
I was like huh? -_- kill me now

There were one too many fat, dumb girl and gay jokes.

As a relationship advice book, it doesn't rate too bad but as humour it's very low

This book contains content that may be offensive to some readers

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