Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Blogging Apps

Hello guys.

I want to talk about the "tools" I use for this blog.

I don't have a laptop yet so I blog from my phone(android).
It's a bit difficult and I can't do all the fancy stuff.

These are the apps I use.

The official blogger app sucks. It is terrible. There are no words to convey how sucky it is. You can only type posts and dd ONE image which goes to the bottom of the post. You can't even do much with HTML.
I have used a lot of substitute apps but BlogIt is the best
BlogIt app allows you to add all the special effects you like. It's a bit difficult to work with at first but after a while, you get used to the icons.
You can also preview posts before sending.


Blog posts are not complete without pictures.
I used picquotes and Photo Editor app to create the image for my giveaway.

Photo Editor and Photo Grid
These are my picture editing apps. I use them with PicQuotes sometimes.
Photo Editor is almost exactly like Photoshop and it's easy to use.

I use Photo Grid mostly to add fancy fonts to my quotes or pictures. Usually after using Photo Editor.

Book/Document Reading Apps I use Cool Reader, Aldiko and Kingsoft Office
Cool reader

can read all formats except pdf. It can even read word documents.
I can highlight sentences and make comments to include in my reviews.

Aldiko App
only reads pdf and Epub files. You can only get highlighting and notes features when you upgrade to the pro app.

Kingsoft Office is for word documents.
I request guest posts and feature posts in word documents and most tour directors send posts in word documents that's where Kingsoft comes in. It can also open PowerPoints and Spreadsheets.
You can share docuents in app and there's a "send to evernote" feature

Sometimes, I use Google Keep or Evernote app to type up my posts. Then I copy and paste into BlogIt. Where I then do all the editing and effects.

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