Monday, 9 December 2013

Bookish Links From Around The Web #2 [03/12/13 - 09/12/13]

Like I said last week, I'll be doing a weekly roundup of interesting bookish links from around the web

The 13 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2013
I'll soon start university and I'll be studying psychology so this is kind of important to me.

Great Gift Ideas for Bookish Teens & Tweens
For all your friends, daughters and sons if you can't decide on what book(s) to buy

How To Pick Out A Book For Someone
Want to buy a book for someone as a gift and don't know if they'll like it? This is your guide.

Book Binge Survival Guide
So you have a lot of books to read. Gifts, buddy reads, TBRs, Review copies and so forth. Do not fret. Just click the link above

15 Books from 2013 to read in 2014
Mashable has compiled a list of books from 2013 for you to read in 2014. If you haven't already read them.

10 Best Debuts of 2013
A lot of books were released in 2013. If you want to discover new authors, here is Flavorwire's list of best Debut books of 2013.

8 Literary Conspiracies
J.K. Rowling isn't real? Harry Potter was abused? Hogwarts is a figment of his immagination? And more conspiracy theories

People Who Got Book Deals From Social Media
Here's a list of books that started as blogs, twitter accounts, tumblr pages etc...

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