Tuesday, 10 September 2013

REVIEW: The Domino Effect by Jill Elaine Hughes

Received free courtesy of the author

Finished: September 10, 2013
Rating: 3.5 stars

The Book
336 pages
ebook (mobi)

21-year-old Nancy Delaney is finishing up her third year of college when her magazine-editor roommate asks her to go review an art opening in downtown Cleveland. The artist is mysterious international playboy and eccentric Peter Rostovich, and the art is like nothing innocent, virginal Nancy has ever encountered before. Multimedia artist Rostovich has created an erotic art installation all about S&M bondage — complete with a live sculpture that’s so realistic, it gets the whole exhibit shut down by the Cleveland police.
Aspiring journalist Nancy’s nose for news smells a hot story idea, which she sells to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But as she works to get her story, she soon becomes intimately entangled with Rostovich, who finds her irresistible. Rostovich becomes Nancy’s ticket to sexual awakening, and she soon discovers she has an appetite for bondage, too.
And there’s far more to Rostovich than just his art — he’s involved in a strange, violent criminal underworld that kidnaps Nancy and spirits her halfway around the world, where she’s held prisoner and made to serve as private Dominant-for-hire somewhere in the former Soviet Union. Will the sexual powers Rostovich helped awaken in her be Nancy’s only hope for escape?

My Opinion
Okay so I'm conflicted. I'm not sure that I really liked it but I didn't hate it.

On the plus side:
It is well written and edited. It's not just erotica - although I have to say: errmaggherd - there's a lot of suspense and mystery in the story that raises curiosity. I would love to finish the series.
There is a plot, although it becomes a bit shaky from time to time, it's mostly strong. There's consistency and it's easy to follow.

The characters are great. Nancy is a very interesting character. I like her. She's relatable in a sense. She's rediscovering who she is and the reader is making that journey with her.

On the other hand:
* I was confused about the whole Bluschencko thing but that was resolved (a little) towards the end.
* When Nancy was examining the pictures Rostovich gave her after the "interview", she said the woman in the picture was dead but she's also the same woman who was live at the exhibit.
How is this possible. Maybe I missed something.
* Nancy keeps saying that Rostovich got her into the mess she was in, even when Bluschencko said he had been watching her friend then her for months

Also I saw a lot of similarities with Fifty Shades of Grey.
- Naïve <poor> college student (woman)
- Super rich <secretive> guy with dark/shady past
- Meet by chance thanks to girl's best friend
- Studying English or something related
- Woman in early 20s

All in all I enjoyed the book.

I couldn't find any links as to where you can get the book but if you want to get a copy, you could contact the author on goodreads

**image and book summary from goodreads

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