Friday, 30 August 2013

Bullying On Goodreads: Badly Behaving Authors

Today, I'll be talking about the bullying on goodreads I started talking about here

In that post, I talked about how authors(specifically Lauren Howard/Pippa) were allegedly bullied and threatened with rape and other forms of violence.

I did a little more research on the topic and found a lot of people calling bullshit on the whole thing. Rosepetals, and DarkWriter give a lot of proof (screenshots from Twitter, Goodreads and Blogs) to support their claims. According to the other things I found, the whole things was a ploy for attention that blew beyond what Pippa could control.

On the issue of, FozMeadows calls them out., a website dedicated to proving that STGRB is made up of authors who bully readers and other authors who don't agree with them or have put up bad reviews of the books. They explain fully here.

Around the internet, I also saw that has allegedly called and threatened people that they "don't like".

On goodreads, I've seen a lot of threads discussing authors who harass reviewers and spam group threads and send messages threatening them.
It is said that these authors are mostly indie authors.
There are many groups on goodreads dedicated to discussing these authors. The most popular one is Badly Behaving Authors

My next and final post on this topic will be up soon. It's basically a conclusion and my opinions on the whole thing

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