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REVIEW: Love, Carry My Bags by C. R. Everett

Received a free copy courtesy of the author

Finished: August 10, 2013
Rating: 4.5 stars

“Love isn’t always going to be foo-foo drinks garnished with mini umbrellas and skewered fruit,” I said, hoping to remove any rose tinting from their vision. “Sometimes it’s hot cocoa when you come in from the snow, nothing fancy, but makes you warm inside. That’s how it should be.”

“When you miss someone a lot, you stop living.” I picked up Mouser, snuggling his soft fur to my face. “When you miss someone a little, you never take them for granted and you appreciate every little thing.” I thought about my girls and my home, the journey along the way. “If you don’t miss them at all, you lose all that.”

The Book*
Camryn Johnson’s world is turned upside down when long lost love, Reese Dahlgren, re-enters her life at a pivotal point in her already challenging marriage. She faces an excruciating predicament: choose between a broken home for her daughter or a broken life for herself.
After her parents' divorce, Camryn first meets high school basketball star, Reese, at the Harvard Milk Day Festival bed races. Reese hides baggage of his own… until Camryn melts his heart and learns secrets entrusted only to her. Still, the weight is too much to bear. Unable to cope, Reese unwittingly backs Camryn into a corner during his air force enlistment—love him from afar, or leave him.
Enter aerospace engineering student, Glenn Conroy. Persistent and savvy, he woos Camryn during her junior year of college and wins her heart. Or does he?
When Reese re-enters her life, further disrupting her tenuous marriage, Camryn turns to best friend, Megan, for advice, but refuses to believe Megan’s suggestion that she’s caught in a “simple” love triangle.
Camryn unveils hidden mysteries and secrets as she embarks on a life-changing journey of revelation and forgiveness, transcending doormat qualities inherited from her mother, and in the process finds what life's struggles are really all about.

My Opinion
The beginning was a bit too slow for me. It was also a bit confusing as I had to re-read some parts to know if the author was still talking about the same time or we had moved to a different day.

Apart from the slow start, I loved the book. It was beautiful, emotional and real. It was good to see a book that doesn't follow the usual high school sweethearts get married and live happily ever after.

This is a good and realistic book. Sometimes, Camryn was stupid and her actions annoyed be, sometimes I felt sad for her. Sometimes I was happy with her. She's a very relatable character. how she grew as a person and learnt from mistakes -hers and others.

This was a great read and is really good for a debut. All the characters including the minor ones were important to Camryn's growth. There are some lessons to be learnt from this book.

It touches on religion sometimes. Not too much but enough for me to tag it as a Christian book. Sort of. Camryn is a preacher's kid. Her mom is an extremist and she struggles with her faith. Or lack of it.

All in all, apart from the slow and confusing start it was a great all round read.

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*summary from goodreads

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